Say YES by giving youth a life-changing 12-month work experience. Range of options available.

I'm a COMPANY and want to create jobs and don't need B-BBEE Levels

Say YES by giving youth a life-changing 12-month work experience without gaining B-BBEE Levels.

I'm an INDIVIDUAL and I want to create jobs by investing in youth

Say YES by joining the movement. Be a part of a collective movement of changemakers, helping solve youth unemployment.

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Working weeks,

with no state funding

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Committed work experiences

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Why say YES

South Africa needs a new story: we need new places, new spaces, new faces, new industries and new career pathways for our youth. YES creates new jobs.

YES recognises the critical role the youth play in shaping our economy and our country. Yet six million young people are shut out of the economy. This is why we at YES seek out ground breaking ways, through innovation and technological best practice to create one million jobs for South Africa’s youth. The only way to reduce inequality is to get us all into work, to build incomes and to invest inclusively. Now is the time to lend a hand.

Now is the time for each of us to say: “Thuma Mina” ‘Send me’. Now is the time for all of us to work. Together.

At YES, we are driven by business and fully supported by Government and Labour. As a nation, it is only together that we have the capacity to change South Africa’s skewed economic reality. Enabling companies & communities to create one million opportunities over time. Equipping youth with a toolkit to make a life and be the someone they have the potential to be.

One country, one movement, one clear focus,  just say ‘YES’ to jobs for all.

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