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Three easy steps to join YES and change lives:

Join YES to reduce South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis and gain up to two
levels up on your B-BBEE scorecard. Follow the steps below to say YES to the future of tomorrow.


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It is the contracting sponsor companys' responsibility to ensure that the young person benefitting from this amazing job has not participated in the YES programme before! This is because we all want to give as many young people as possible the chance to benefit from your life-changing year-long work experience. Our concern is that if you fail to check before contracting the youth, it will cause great disappointment and will compromise your B-BBEE target as the youth will not be legible to participate as a YES youth twice.

Don’t worry be happy 🙂 If you’re doing YES for non-BEE purposes this rule does not apply.

*NB Should you have a negative NPAT, please refer to section 4.1.2 of the Practice Note and contact your Verification Agency to calculate your target commitment

YES Calculation Results

Based on your information supplied, ACME (Pty) Ltd will need to create 1000 employment opportunties.

Below are the B-BBEE benefits your company can gain by committing to the above target.

Create Job(s) and
Move up

Create Jobs and
Move up

Create Jobs and
Move up

YES Package Selector and Calculator

Select your NPAT (average over the last 3 years)

Are you creating jobs to receive the B-BBEE benefit or not?

Would you like YES to assist with sourcing your youth?

Are you internally hosting your youth or placing them at a host company?

*Monthly salaries(R3,600 per youth) payable in addition plus UIF & SDL


How many youth will you be placing?

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