YES COMMUNITY HUBS bring  investment and technology into the heart of communities. Hubs build local capabilities and opportunity, where the youth are. 

What is a YES HUB?

Sustainable growth for SA will happen if we invest in our communities at a grassroots level. YES is building local small business and opportunities for work, as part of an inclusive growth strategy for SA and companies. We need investment and ideas to activate and unlock.

The YES Hub is at the centre of this community plan. It helps realise the growth potential of sectors and businesses, it connects the world inside with the world outside through technology transfer, WiFi, offtake agreements and best practice training. The Hub provides big business with a home in the community, a place to grow authentic value propositions for clients and unlock the potential business opportunities in company value chains.

YES Community Hubs activate economic ecosystems, creating shared value for community, company and country.

YES community Hubs bring investment and technology into the heart of communities and build local capabilities and opportunity, where the youth are.

Bring investment, local and global best practice, and technology and connectivity into under-serviced communities where youth are.

Identify existing and potential markets and value chains linked to high growth sectors that help drive targeted SME support and development initiatives – and skills training programmes – with expert implementing partners.

Create sustainable ecosystems that become economic seeding points in under-serviced communities, driving local income and jobs long after the initial investment has been made.

What HUBS do for communities:

Many communities are isolated from economic opportunity and have consequent high unemployment levels.

  • Youth have limited pathways to opportunity with low exposure to future careers or skills programmes
  • Small businesses in the informal economy remained trapped at subsistence levels, needing to be freed by investment and innovation

YES benefit: YES hubs are nodes for technology, best practice and capacity development for both youth and community business. They provide a safe and structured way for corporates to work with communities bringing ED and SD funds to youth where they need it most.

  • Reservoir of global knowledge
  • Opportunity for formal market linkage
  • Location to seed new economic activity

Result: Economic spatial inequality reduced and sustainable communites developed.

Companies and YES HUBS:

Corporates need to realise a more sustainable and impactful return on their B-BBEE spend. This money is often spent in a wide and sometimes uncoordinated way.

  • Transformation at a broad base level has not happened the way it was envisaged
  • Pockets of success struggle to scale
  • Intended funds may get diluted by intermediaries

YES benefit:  Use YES as an innovation fund to grow market share, build trusted relationships and brand awareness plus a community facilities footprint.

  • Spend can be coordinated with ED creating facilities and small business capacity
  • Spend can be combined with Skills spend to ensure youth are prepared for a quality work experience, together with a CV and confidence

Result: By enabling corporate to directly and visibly add value to community life, the two economies are bridged. Sustainable communities are created that will build long term prosperity for all South Africa.

Prosperous community=Prosperous company

What HUBS do for our country:

Need: The structural imbalances in the South African economy and high inequality limits economic growth and prevents social cohesion.

Benefit: Hubs stimulate economic activity by bringing the missing ingredients into a community necessary for localised innovation, exposure, corporate interest and the lowering of investment risk. Shared value models benefit community, company & country. Economic growth and driving greater social cohesion, that positions the country on a more equitable development path.

Outcome: The YES Hubs create new thinking around sharing risk, cost and expertise to support community ecosystems and to pave a pathway to equality and opportunity for all. Let’s turn the statistics around, employment for 7 out of ten SA youth will keep the ratings agencies away.

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