What is the Gazette?

The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) published the Youth Employment Service (YES) Initiative as Notice 502 in Gazette 41866 on 28th August 2018. The YES Initiative enables any organisation, EME, QSE or Generic to enhance its B-BBEE Level by 1 or 2 levels by providing jobs for young black people under the YES Initiative. The practice note, which contains the verification details necessary to implement YES, will be released by the dti within the next few weeks, after which we will communicate clear registration guidelines.

How do I calculate my YES Youth target?

A company that would like to participate in YES for B-BBEE purposes needs to achieve a YES headcount target to move 1 x B-BBEE level up. This target is based on the YES calculator. To calculate your YES Youth Target, use our handy calculator below:

What are the costs for sponsoring youth?

A once off registration fee is payable. Click here to calculate your fee.
A monthly salary of R 3,500 per youth for 1 year (R42,000).
This will be paid directly to the youth.

A monitoring and evaluation fee:

Internal Placement
– Low touch: R 5,000 per youth (once off)
– Within your organisation with no assistance from YES (includes: monitoring, evaluation and management fee)

Internal Placement
– Medium touch: R 7,000 per youth (once off)
– Within your organisation with assistance from YES to find youth (includes: monitoring, evaluation and management fee)

Sponsored Placement
– High touch: R 9,000 per youth (once off)
– Paid for by the corporate. Youth placed within an SMME. YES will source youth and match with SMME.

When do job placements start?

YES is waiting for government to release the accompanying practice note to the promulgated gazette. Once this has been released then YES will be able to onboard participating companies and they will shortly thereafter begin their YES Youth placements.

How do I register to be a YES Youth?

Please log onto our website: www.yes4youth.co.za/youth-registration where you can register as a YES Youth. Please note we are currently only registering candidates between the ages of 18 and 34, who are currently unemployed and must be black (as per the B-BBEE codes definition). If you register on our system, you will hear from us again. At the appropriate time we will be in touch to get more information from you. While you wait to hear from us again, please view our work readiness content which will help prepare you for possible future employment. Have a look here: Youth resources

What is the qualifying criteria for youth?

YES youth must be:
– black, in accordance with the BEE definition,
– between the ages of 18 – 34 (as this is the definition of youth); and
– a South African citizen.
The YES programme is not for young people who want to change jobs but rather for currently unemployed youth.

I have already registered. When will the placement of work opportunities start?

We are currently in the process of creating work opportunities, which is a complex and lengthy process. However, our team is working tirelessly to fulfil our mandate of creating 1 million work opportunities for the unemployed youth of South Africa. Once we have created these experiences, we will then begin to make placements. If you have registered, we will be in touch with you.

What qualifications are you looking for? Can someone without a university qualification register?

YES is aimed at all unemployed black youth between the ages of 18-34 years, regardless of the level of education you have obtained. We encourage all youth that meet this criteria to register on our website: www.yes4youth.co.za/youth-registration

Are you able to help the youth that live in rural areas?

YES is aimed at all the unemployed, black South African youth and we encourage all youth, wherever they are situated in the country to register. We will address the youth residing in rural areas and there will be no need to relocate to urban centres.

I am an SMME/business wanting to host YES youth, but I cannot pay their salary. How can I get involved in YES?

Sponsored host placements are a part of the YES programme. Corporates who meet their YES target can choose to place the youth in their own business or at a host SMME through a sponsored host placement, at no cost to the host. The young person will work in the host business for a period of 12 months and will be paid by the sponsor company. To register and be a part of our national SMME database, please click here.

Does YES provide NGOs and small businesses with funding opportunities, office space and/or equipment?

The type of support that YES offers to businesses and NGOs is non-financial, through capacity development as well as placing a young person in their businesses as a resource. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide funding, office space and/or equipment or connections to other stakeholders.

How does YES assist young aspiring business owners? Do you provide funding?

Unfortunately, YES does not offer financial support to young aspiring business owners. However, we can assist new businesses (SMMEʼs) by capacitating them with fresh, young and creative youth!

Can I choose the youth I want to host?

Yes, you can! We will work with you to select the right person for your organisation.

Can the same youth be sponsored for more than one year?

No, YES Youth are sponsored for a period of one year. If you decide to absorb your YES Youth after the year-long period, then you will be responsible for salary payments.

What are the qualification criteria for host placement opportunities?

To host a YES Youth you need to be a registered EME or QSE. However, based on sector and other internal requirements, YES will have additional selection criteria. Please note that NGOs can qualify to host YES Youth.

What is the difference between a service provider and an implementation provider?

A service provider is an organisation that is paid to execute a service for us. A skills provider is a sub-set of service providers. An implementation partner is an organisation that executes a certain task on our behalf.

How can skills providers get involved?

YES does not have funding to pay skills providers. Whilst creating jobs in certain sectors and industries, we will search for specific skills requirements from our skills’ supplier database, at which point we could recommend suppliers to our clients. It is the client’s choice as to which skills supplier they engage with.
In 2019 we are focusing on the following industries in Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng:
– Tourism
– Agriculture
– Clothing and textile
– Manufacturing
– Construction
– Creative Arts
– Digital