1 x B-BBEE
level up

Achieve YES Target

1 x B-BBEE level up
+ 3 points

Achieve 1.5 times YES Target

2 x B-BBEE
levels up

Double YES Target

The YES B-BBEE Benefit can be claimed at your financial year-end with your verification agency if you have also achieved average score of at least a 50% across your entity’s 3 priority elements (ownership, ESD, SD)

Calculate Your Target Here

Targets for Generic Entities will be the Higher between (i), (ii) and (iii) below:

  1. 1.5% of the Y.E.S entity’s headcount in the preceding year; OR
  2. 1.5% of the Y.E.S entity’s average Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) from South African operations in the immediately preceding three years, converted to a headcount number by dividing that NPAT number by R55,000; OR
  3. A target as determined in Table 1 - Annexure A.


50 - 75 6
75 - 99 7
100 - 149 8
150 - 199 9
200 - 249 10
250 - 299 11
300 - 349 12
350 - 399 13
400 - 449 14
450 - 500+ 15

YES Calculation Results

Based on your information supplied, ACME (Pty) Ltd will need to create 1000 employment opportunties.

Below are the B-BBEE benefits your company can gain by committing to the above target.

Create Job(s) and
Move up

Create Jobs and
Move up

Create Jobs and
Move up

As per the draft Gazette an absorbtion of 2.5% for the first target and 5% for the second and third target is required, please review our response to the Gazette below for more information

Change a life in five simple steps

Step 1

Register on the website


Be part of the YES movement, register on our website:

  • Please ensure YES has filled your vendor form in if required.
  • Click the register here’ link on the ‘for business page’
  • The YES system will invoice your entity upon registration.
  • YES, banking details can be found on the website.
  • Registration fees range depending or your entity’s turnover


Step 2

Pay registration fee


Pay your registration fee and join the YES national team:

  • A matched payment from your entity will open the YES youth placement menu & options. It will also generate an official membership certificate.
  • A strategic youth placement plan to build your brand & sustainability of the YES investment is advised. This ensures best bang for buck results from YES!


Step 3

Select youth pathways


Select youth pathways and change lives with that generous chance offered:

  • Youth headcount can be placed in any combination:
  • Inside your firm,
  • On your payroll,
  • Outside your firm,
  • On other payrolls,
  • In supply chain entity payroll or in other businesses.
  • Each placement attracts a YES per head once off fee of R5000, R7000 or R9000-this covers a phone, cutting edge content and important surveys and material for youth and employers.


Step 4

Recruit the lucky youth


Recruit the lucky youth:

  • Recruit & Interview, with YES assistance if required. We have an excellent behavioural & psychometric tool to help ensure the right young one is in the right position ensuring better results for all!
  • Remember to upload youth relevant details onto the YES upload site  + start date. YES, will get the job starter pack for your newbies out in time for day one!


Step 5

B-BBEE verification data


Place youth; upload data:

  • Submit youth & supervisor data from survey apps on the phone. Youth will get push notifications to fill out progress and learning surveys every few weeks.
  • For supervisor, at 3 months intervals.
  • This data is used to build the quality CV and reference letter.

B-BBEE verification data:

  • Ensure the collection and storage of relevant records required for financial year end by B-BBEE verification agencies.
  • This includes: the YES, registration certificate, IDs of placed youth, payslips and 12 months contracts.