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The YES Youth Practice Note relating to the amendment has been published.

The amended Gazette on YES is out; a long but important journey towards addressing a burning issue which affects us all. The Gazette legislates YES as the operational entity responsible for the implementation and administration of this amended Act. By addressing real transformation, it enables B-BBEE investments to be directed toward a successively ignored and disadvantaged, broad based group of citizens, our youth.

The Gazette allows us to harness the collective power of business to direct and focus on a common national imperative. Too much investment has been lost on individual campaigns which, even when effective, lack the scale and sustainable drive to significantly move the needle. The YES strategy is one of innovation and systemic change at grassroots level. Simply giving youth a fair chance can be made possible by your collective action.

The amendment is not a panacea, but it is a great kick start to accelerating inclusive economic investments which open opportunities where few existed and to growing more than one million work experiences for black youth. Two thirds of youth are not economically active, this is our country’s future workforce and your client.  The practice note which contains the verification details necessary to implement YES will be released within the next few weeks, we will be sending your teams clear guidelines shortly thereafter.

Say No to the inequality and the economic downturn in our country. Say Yes to a future for our youth, changing one life, one year at a time. Looking forward to an inspired and productive partnership with you.

We say “ if not us, then who?

If not now,  then when?”


Access the Gazette amendment here >

And now the Practice note has been released!

Access the Practice Note here >